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Chinese Dragon Box Cake , Florence, ItalyChinese Dragon Box Cake DetailChinese Dragon Box Cake Initial

Today I got start designing the kind of wedding cake I really love to do. Personal.

The bride and groom are having a destination wedding in Tuscany. They are combining organic Tuscan details, and Chinese cultural elements into the wedding. The groom suggested we incorporate a special double happiness theme into the wedding cake based around the gift they’re giving their guests. We have a 3 months before you’ll get to see that cake. But if you’re interested in following the design process you can peak at the Pinterest board I created tonight to see how a wedding cake goes from just an idea…to spectacular.

During the meeting what struck me was how excited they BOTH were about the cake. As a cake designer, I still have the bias that it’s the brides who really want the cake. But experience has taught me that’s not true. Grooms are all about  the cake  Infact you might be a groom sneaking a little peak at this blog and thinking YES!

Which made me think it was high time for a cake for just the boys out there to get some attention. Forget the pretty frilly girls cakes. Today I’m going to do two thinks. First I’m going to put the Chinese  Dragon Box on todays post since it is most definitely a manly cakes –   and Chinese –  And then not knowing much about the bloggy works, I will take a guess and say if 100 people share this cake between now and when whey get married in June, I will create this dragon Box cake as a surprise to him from all of us.  As an act of putting goodness into the wold. Why not surprise the groom with a surprise cake just for him.  Keep in mind I’m literally writing this as I go, and haven’t figured out this whole blogging thing really. Ot of anyone listening. But if you think this groom who was a genuinely nice guy and was really excited about cake should get a grooms crake  Let me know in your comments why you think.

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