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Florence, Italy Wedding Cake with Lace and Edible Gold Figs and Roses Bouquet Florence, Italy Wedding Cake with Lace and Edible Gold Figs and Roses with BrideFlorence, Italy Wedding Cake with Sugar Lace and Sugar Glass Bead Detail -1Florence, Italy Wedding Cake with Lace and Edible Gold Figs and Roses Bouquet CloseupMini-Cake in Florence, Italy with Sugar Gold Bead and BowGuest Wedding Favor Cake in Florence, Italy with Sugar Bead


Wedding Cake for a gorgeous Tuscan wedding shoot in Florence Italy at Villa Vendetta by Tuscan Cake Designer Melanie Secciani.

This cake 7 tier cake was designed for a magazine shoot. The information the planner gave me was that they wanted the cake to be rustic and elegant with a very italian feel.

I started out with this delicate lace pattern and then wanted to create a more dramatic effect by over piping some of the lace details to make them really stand out and have a three demensional effect. Because I am really proud of my unwired sugar flowers I created an over the top cake topper using the flowers and candied figs that had been covered in edible gold leaf. They did say luxurious after all.

Then I really want to bring a true bit of Italian art into the cake. Because well it really does come down to the details. I had just finished planning my oldest sons communion which involved the mandatory giving of confetti – essentially really well packaged thank you gifts with almond. Each of the guests for that event had received a gift cake with a pandora bead on it.

I thought what if I could translate that idea to a wedding cake? Using isomalt sugar and edible gold leaf we made small gems of edible murano glass. Those were placed at the center of the bow of the cake and throughout the topped.

Since I have a thing about wanting to feed the crew whenever we shoot, I also created some matching mini cakes made with our signature Apricot Sunset Cake and Gift Cakes Made from Fudge Brownies that coordinated with the larger cake.

As pictures serves 320

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