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Tiered Cake by Tuscany Cake Designer Melanie Secciani

Tiered Cake by Tuscany Cake Designer Melanie Secciani

Wedding Cake by Tuscan Cake Designer L’Arte Della Torta di Melanie Secciani for a wedding at Florence, Italy Villa Cora.

Baroque Wedding Cake designed for an intimate wedding.

Our custom signature cameo was used to create this stunning design. The couple held there wedding dinner in the elegant blue room of Villa Cora and wanted a cake that would be a work of art on display throughout the dinner.

Since the room where the cake was going to be on display had a very ornate feel, it was important that the cake be able to stand out on it’s own.

We designed the cake in periwinkle blue, with intricate ivory details and our signature custom cameo. The tiers were surrounded with sugar ribbon and double piped sugar boarder.

Inside the cake was Orange Chiffon with Panna Cotta Mousse.

As pictured serves 80


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