Posted on Jul 27, 2015 in Special Occasions

Tuscan Wedding Cakes - Ferragamo Handbag Cake

Tuscan Wedding Cakes – Ferragamo Handbag Cake

Designer Handbag Birthday Cake in Tuscany, Italy by Florence cake designer Tuscan Wedding Cakes – L’Arte Della Torta di Melanie Secciani.

It’s seriously great when you can have your couture and eat it too! When a dear client came to me asking for a fabulous birthday cake, the first thing I thought of was this Ferragamo Sofia bag I knew she loved. With a little help from Ferragamo in Florence, Italy who graciously provided access to their Fall 2015 collection (Thank you) we were able to create this replica of their iconic Sofia bag.

Inside, the handbag was Tuscan Wedding Cakes signature Primavera Cake (Lemon with wild strawberry).

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