Tuscan Wedding Cakes – L’Arte Della Torta


Authentic Italian flavors and creams in a tiered cake. The taste you love, the look you want.

Cake Flavors


Terra Di Sienna 

(Moist Lemon cake filled with wild berry coulis and panna cotta mousse)


Dark Raspberry

(Silky and Decadent, our signature Moist Vanilla cake layered with refreshing raspberry coulis, rich Majani artisan Italian chocolate mousse and dark chocolate chunks)


Tuscan Sunset

(Light and Refeshing, our signature Moist Vanilla Cake is filled with layers of tangy, fresh apricot mousse)


White Chocolate Pistachio

(Moist Vanilla cake with decadent layers of Pistachio Mousse and white chocolate chunks.)



(Supermoist lemon cake filled with layers of Wild Strawberry Mousse.)


Black Tie

(Moist Chocolate Cake filled with Majani Italian Chocolate Ganache and Panna Cotta Mousse)


Salted Caramel Truffle Cake

(Moist Chocolate Cake covered in a layer of salted caramel and then filled with Rich Chocolate Mousse)


Not Your Mamma’s Fruit Cake

(Our own play on the traditional fruit cake combining the ideas of tradional british fruit cake, american sponge cake, and Italian Panatone. Layered with orange chocolate ganache and filled with Vanilla Mousse.)


Carrot Cake

(Luscious Carrot Cake filled with Mascarpone Mousse)


All Tuscan Wedding Cakes are made as custom orders, so we can make almost any flavor combination you can imagine. If you have a special request please let us know. Tuscan Wedding Cakes is open by appointment only so that we can give each cake we’re working on our undivided attention. Tuscan Wedding Cakes would be happy to schedule a tasting for you at our Florence, Italy bakery. Please contact  Tuscan Wedding Cakes – L’Arte Della Torta di Melanie Secciani, to check for availability.

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