Florence CakesFlorence Cakes Art Deco Wedding Cake in Florence, Italy with Sugar EmeraldsFlorence, Italy Wedding Cake with Lace and Edible Gold Figs and Roses Bouquet Wedding Cake in Sienna, at Borgo Santo Pietro,  with cascade of sugar roses and sugar diamond

As all of my cakes are custom made, and each design involves many variables, it is impossible to give a standardized price list.

When pricing my cakes I use a simple formula of my costs, plus time to determine the pricing. Simple cakes will be on the lower end of the price range, while more complex and technically difficult cake will be more.

My minimum order for delivery is 1000.00 euros.

Cakes are priced from 9.75 to 20.00 per portion, depending on size, decoration, shape…

For couples who are having smaller events, but want larger cakes, faux tiers can be designed to match their other wedding cake tiers perfectly at at approx. 50% the cost of real cake.

For couples who are having larger events, sheet cakes are available to compliment their wedding cake starting at 4.25 euros per portion.

Prices listed are exclusive of  delivery (which will vary depending on the distance of your venue), and fresh flowers (which will come from your florist – though for sanitary and structure reasons, I strongly recommend against the use of fresh flowers).

All sugar decorations, including sugar flowers, are included in the pricing unless otherwise stated.

Please remember the listed prices are only a guide as it’s likely your cake my have different dimensions and details from the ones listed.

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