Mikhail and Yulia’s wedding

There’s a magic moment when a bride and groom see their wedding cake for the first time: dusk falling on the hills of Tuscany, candlelight, and the wedding cake – standing there tall, reaching up towards the stars.


As they approach, hand in hand (they’ve been planning this moment – waiting for it for months), they’ll hold their breath in just a little. And then they’re there,  standing before it – the perfect wedding cake. A work of art.


The groom leans in (he almost always leans in first), because no matter how many sketches she’s shown him, or how many pictures he’s looked at, it can’t possibly be a real cake. The sugar ribbon is just too perfect, the piped lace too fine, the details too exact.


And then she leans in next to him. The photographer starts shooting. The guests are gathered all around. Together the bride and groom cut the wedding cake. Open their mouths. Smile.


It tastes incredible. Impossibly so. And somewhere along the way we’re no longer looking at a just wedding cake in Tuscany. We’re watching a memory being made.


There’s a magic moment when a bride and groom see their wedding cake for the first time…


At Arte Della Torta di Melanie Secciani, Melanie creates custom tiered wedding cakes in Florence, Tuscany. She is one of Italy’s top wedding cake designers, and has been named the best wedding cake designer in Tuscany by The Tuscan Magazine. Her cake decorating is filmed regularly for the Italian food program Aspettando Il Tg, and her work has been featured on numerous wedding websites and blogs.


Couples who come to her are looking for a cake that is as unique as they are. A once in a lifetime wedding cake, made just for them, that will give them that WOW memory.


All of her cakes are custom orders, so each one is made fresh for your event using only the highest quality ingredients. Tender, moist and decadent – Melanie’s belief is that a wedding cake should look stunning and taste even better. All details with the exception of fresh flowers are edible and hand crafted.

Only a small number of orders are taken each week to ensure that your cake is made by Melanie herself and given the utmost love and attention to every detail.


To see more of our breathtaking wedding cakes in Tuscany please visit our Wedding Cakes Portfolio Page.

For information on Cake Flavors , how to determine the Size of your cake, or on cake prices we are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Welcome to Tuscan Wedding Cakes



Tutte queste creazioni, possibili solo su prenotazione, sono preparate con il massimo della cura usando solo ingredienti freschissimi e genuini.

Ogni torta è realizzata apposta per soddisfare appieno I desideri del cliente, sia per quel che riguarda gli ingredienti sia per quel che riguarda la forma.

Melanie è da sempre sinonimo di passione e abilità artistica nel campo della pasticceria Made in Usa.

Dai tipici biscotti Natalizi alle praline al cioccolato e alle torte in mille possibili maniere, la creatività di Melanie ha soddisfatto negli anni migliaia di affezionati dei desserts, dai più esigenti ai più semplici lasciando ben parlare di se in giro.

Melanie è riuscita ad affinare notevolmente la sua tecnica tanto che molti dei lavori risultano esteticamente e sotto ogni altro punto di vista semplicemente Eccezionali!!!

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