Tuscan Wedding Cakes Spring/Summer 2018 Window

A Symphony of Orchids and Crystals: Crafting the 2018 Wedding Cake Window in Florence, Italy

In the heart of Florence, where history intertwines with modern elegance, our wedding cake bakery embarked on a creative journey inspired by the beauty of orchids and the allure of Swarovski crystals.

Orchids and Crystals: A Love Affair

I’ve always held a deep affection for orchids—remarkable flowers that stand as a testament to nature’s adaptability. Paired with the enchantment of Swarovski crystals, the possibilities for inspiration seemed endless. As winter unfolded its contemplative charm, the idea of weaving these elements into our wedding cake window for 2018 began to take shape.

The Main Cake: A Dazzling Display of Swarovski Crystals

The centerpiece of our creation was the main cake, adorned with a breathtaking array of approximately 2500 hand-strung Swarovski crystals. Drawing inspiration from the wild orchids that flourish in tangled vines, I envisioned the cake tiers in a rich, inky black fondant. This choice served to accentuate the play of light and motion created by the crystal vines. Edible orchids emerged from the vines, cascading up the cake like a delicate floral dance.

Orchids as Muse: Crafting a Story for Florence

This singular creation birthed the inspiration for The Window—an exquisite display that transcends the confines of our Florence bakery. Exploring various adaptations of orchids, along with imaginative depictions of motion and crystal vines, became a delightful venture. Collaborating with the incredibly talented event designer, Louise Holm Ferragamo, turned these beautiful wedding cakes into a narrative that captivated the entire city of Florence.

A Pictorial Symphony: Elena Foresto’s Lens

Every detail, from the delicate orchids to the glistening crystals, was immortalized through the lens of my favorite wedding photographer, Elena Foresto. Her artistry transformed our creation into a visual symphony, capturing the essence of each element with unparalleled grace.

Your Invitation: Discover the Magic at Via Romana

For those wandering through Florence, Italy, a mere 10-minute stroll straight from the Pitti Palace unveils a visual feast at 98 R. Via Romana. Our new cake window, curated with passion and adorned with the spirit of orchids and crystals, beckons you to witness the artistry of Tuscan Wedding Cakes.

The display stands not just as a showcase of wedding cakes but as a testament to the fusion of nature’s wonders and human craftsmanship. It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where each cake tells a story, and every orchid and crystal holds a promise of enchantment.

As the heart of Florence beats with history and elegance, let our wedding cake window add a touch of whimsy and sophistication to your visit. Come, take a peek, and become part of the tale woven into the fabric of this beautiful city.

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Tuscan Wedding Cakes, Italy’s premiere wedding cake designer, creates spectacular designs for destination weddings and events in Florence, Tuscany, Siena, and throughout Italy.



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Tuscan Wedding Cakes, Italy's premiere wedding cake designer, creates spectacular designs for destination weddings and events in Florence, Tuscany, Siena, and throughout Italy.