Florentine Braided Leather Cake

This luxury birthday cake by top cake artist Melanie Secciani was inspired by the leather artisans of Florence along with the beautiful marble statues from Michelangelo’s own hand.

Imagination is plentiful in a city full to the brim with unique culture, architecture, and art. Encapsulating Florence in a cake was the perfect way to celebrate this birthday.

Silver, gold, white, and yellow made up the color palette; so many possibilities! The majority of the two-tiered dessert was white and a new technique was invented to create the stunning marble details it features. To add extra pizzazz, the tiers were separated by woven fondant reminiscent of artisan leatherwork.

Once the base of the cake design was finished, the final touches were added: handcrafted sugar flowers. The beautiful yellow and white blossoms were delicately placed atop the cake, cascading vines and blooms down the front elegantly.

The inside of the cake was just as delicious as the outside with Tuscan Wedding Cakes’ signature salted caramel carrot cake.

Tuscan Wedding Cakes, Italy’s premiere wedding cake designer, creates spectacular and delicious custom designs for destination weddings and celebrations in Florence, Tuscany, Siena and throughout Italy.



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Tuscan Wedding Cakes, Italy's premiere wedding cake designer, creates spectacular designs for destination weddings and events in Florence, Tuscany, Siena, and throughout Italy.